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How To Implement Goals


You stayed up on New Year’s Eve with friends, you popped fireworks, you talked to friends about all your New Year's resolutions, but have you actually implemented anything yet? We’re about a week into the new year and most people by now already broke the New Years resolution they set out to destroy this year. We know it's easy to over- commit to your resolutions and end up disappointed. So here are a few of my personal tips to help you increase your chance of success throughout the year.

Focus on Action, not Outcome

It’s great to have an end goal in mind, and its completely fine for this to be an outcome (lift a weight, complete an event, reach a clothes size etc..) However in order to reach that goal you will need to set smaller goals that focus on the process. The process goals focus on actions you can take to move you forward. These may involve attending the gym a certain number of days, cooking for yourself throughout the week, getting more steps etc.. Your action goals will be defined by your end goal and they will be crucial to helping you get there.

Write it down or find a support group

It’s proven that when you write things down you tend to remember them more or put them into play more effectively. Use a sticky note and put it right on the fridge that you open everyday. In fact, put something regarding healthy eating on that note in the fridge.

Personally.. I like to find a friend group or community that have the same like minded goals as me. Friends and family or your trainer that care for you and have your best interest in mind if they truly love you should want the best for you. If they want what is best for you then they will hold you to what you say you are going to do.

Be Patient with Yourself

The famous saying goes something like this, “Rome was not built in a day” right? So why should your body and mind be any different? The body is a complex system, and more so than anything in this world. Think about the time it took you to get to where you are now. Think about the days, months, years that it took to put on the weight you did or lose the muscle you lost. It generally takes longer to lose what you Gained therefore be patient and don't set a timeline on your body. If you know that you are working out consistently and eating the right way then naturally the body is going to do the rest on its own.

The Wittfit Method

This is where I like to put my method that I use. Not saying this is the right way or that you even should agree with what i say, but i will say it has worked for me. I find that throughout the days and months that pass it is so easy to get into a routine and fall into your old ways or possibly bad ways. I like to find the 2-4 things that I am either lacking on or addicted to and I start by writing them down. This makes me aware of where I am going wrong. I then start with a 1 month challenge where I try to cut those things out and cleanse the system of those things.

For example… In the previous months I noticed I was eating more fast food, drinking more alcohol, eating more sweets, and not drinking water! Why? Because I blamed it on the fact that I was too busy and didn’t have the time to do it right. For January I have decided for the month that I am going to do no sweets, fast food, alcohol, and drink a gallon of water a day. These are all obtainable things to do and I have found my friend group to hold me accountable and they even do it alongside me.

In Conclusion

Implementing goals doesn’t have to be hard. It is good to implement goals and change for the better, but it does require focus and attention. Find a friend group that holds you accountable. Find a coach or trainer that is going to do the hard work for you and hold you accountable to step foot in the door everyday! If you find that you struggle in any of these areas and need help, that is where I come into play. Wittfit is here to guide your path and be your support group.


Benjamin Witte

Owner/ Operator



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