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Personal Training

Most popular

personal trainer

The personal Training program is the most popular program, and developed specifically to your body after a full body assessment has been completed. This program will get you to your goals in the shortest amount of time. The personal training program does include full in depth nutrition and tracking between trainer and client.

Open Gym 

15 hour private 5 star facility 


Wittfit Health is a state of the art fully loaded Rogue equipped facility. This gym has access 15 hours a day 7 days a week with your own individual access key code. This facility is at your disposal whenever you need it to fit your busy schedule. Inquire for further information on this service

Semi Private 

Effective yet more budget friendly 

personal trainer

"If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together" If you know of someone that wants to make their goals happen as bad as you this is for y'all. If you and your partner want something to do together as a hobby then group training is the perfect fit. This can be anywhere between 2-5 people per group.


Top of the line Nutrition Coaching 


Wittfit Health utilizes InBody 570 as well as physical mass measurements to do a full in depth body analysis on the individual in order to get the full picture. Once that is done we then dive into specific nutrition plans and tracking of your food intake. Each nutrition plan is unique and tailored to the individual based on their body results and goals. 

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