Wittfit Health 

Wittfit Health is San Antonio’s 5 star rated top of the line facility that is fully outfitted with brand new Rogue fitness equipment, cable machines, cardio machines etc… WIttfit Health offers all the equipment needed to achieve your goals. This facility is 2000 square feet equipped with AC and Heat in the space, and offers 17 hours of key pad access. Schedule your tour with a trainer to stop by and check out the brand new gym built in October of 2021.

Additional Trainers

Jaz Lescuer


Growing up I was always very active and  focused on getting out and moving each and every day. I was raised as a 5 sport start athlete in high school.  I knew what it took to get to a high level of performance which included nutrition, working out, sleep, and hydration.


You may think I always looked the way I do, but To the contrary I haven’t. We all let life get in the way whether that be school, work, kids, or the day to day. I am just like YOU, life got in my way and I too had to work and make a life change when life was throwing every curve ball my way. 


Knowing that I went from a high level of performance to letting myself go during college is what inspired me to dive in and help others reclaim their health just as i did. I know that life gets to you, and the day to day is rough… we all need a place to show up, sweat, and be heard and that is why I strive day in and day out to be here and guide you along your fitness journey to a better life and help you “Reclaim your health” 


From a powerlifting and multi sport background, this has shaped me to attack  your health head on with a very diverse total body confusion program focused on strength, conditioning, weight loss, and ultimately leading you to live the best life possible