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Benjamin Witte

Benjamin Witte

About Ben

I grew up in a very active family.  By age 5 I was climbing Mt. Oldonyo Orok(Black Mountain) on the Kenya /Tanzania border near Mt. Kilimanjaro with my mom, dad, and three sisters.  


In high school, I joined a swim team, ran cross-country, and eventually got into CrossFit.  In 2018 I earned a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and while in school, began coaching part-time. Upon completion of my degree, I opened WittFit Health.  


I met my wife Audrey at CrossFit, and we married in 2020.  We work out regularly together and love to ski and play with Enzo our golden Retreiver.

Maybe you grew up in an active family like I did but over the years let your health slide a bit.  Perhaps you’ve had to deal with a life-changing physical event that put your health on hold.  Or maybe you weren’t super active growing up but want to start living a healthier lifestyle.  I would love to help you reclaim your health!  


So how exactly does that work in the WittFit Health system?  Take a look at the video below.  


How does it work?

1. Reach out to Wittfit Health 

2. Set up a free assessment 

3. Get all the data in 

4. Hit the ground running with your specific plan

CHOOSE YOUR Specific Need

What is it specifically that triggers your interest? Whatever that may be for you I can help you evaluate it, examine it, and let's execute it together. Take a look at services in depth for more information on what I offer. Feel free to reach out for in depth information on any of these services. 






Open Gym Membership


What You Get When You Train At Wittfit Health 

Personalized Nutrition Plan 

A completely customized nutrition plan is provided because it is an important part of achieving your fitness goals, and no strategy to achieve health and fitness goals would be complete without nutrition.


Personalized Exercise Plan 

A complete exercise plan is provided so that any workouts that you complete on your own are laid out for you and you'll know exactly what to do. 


24/7 Support 

If you have any questions on the exercise or nutrition plan or anything else fitness related you are welcome to ask anytime and we will always respond within 24 hours or less.


Body Composition Analysis 

We can take body fat, weight, measurements, BMI, and other metrics to gauge your progress. We use the InBody 570 machine to analyze many internal metrics as well regarding your analytics. 


Personalized Goal Tracking 

Sets, repetitions, weights, body composition analysis results, and all markers of progress are recorded and tracked, and sent to you so you can see how you have progressed. 

Studio Access 

You'll have complete access to the studio with any personal training package at no additional charge. With your own personal code you’ll have full access to a state of the art 5 star facility whenever you want to hit the gym! 

Benjamin WItte

Personal Trainer/ Nutrition Coach

Gym Owner 


13302 Western oak Dr unit 101,

Helotes, Tx 78023



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